How to claim a no deposit bonus

How to claim a no deposit bonus

Expiration Date

Bonus offers aren’t eternal. They expire just like any other promotion you take part in. Usually, within a specific time frame, you need to manage several tasks: make a deposit, claim a bonus, and meet the wagering requirements. If we speak about welcome bonuses, they expire 2 weeks after registration, in most cases.

Other casino promotions can be active within 30 days after the launch of the promotion. Always pay attention to how much time is left till the bonus expires. It can save you time and money. For example, when you’ve just now seen a tournament promo with $100,000 in the prize pool, it would make no sense to participate if it expires in 24 hours.

Betting Limit

All bonuses and promotions, especially match deposit and free spins bonuses, have maximum bet limits. You can’t just get $1,000 from a casino and stake it all on one game round. Casinos prevent you from this by attaching a betting limit.

Sometimes, casinos limit the maximum bonus bet size with a percentage like: it should be no more than 10% of your deposit. But if you claim free spins, for example, the casinos will tell how much you can bet per spin. Usually, it’s no more than $5. If you dare to place a higher wager, it will be considered as a breach of terms and conditions. Consequently, you won’t get paid your winnings on free spins.

You can avoid all unwelcome consequences by using the bonuses right. Simply read the bonus terms and conditions beforehand. Make sure to understand everything they state. If you didn’t catch any piece of information, contact the customer support center and clarify the point.

How to Use Casino Bonuses

Although there’s a high demand for casino bonuses, not all players understand how to use them. The topic of bonuses is especially tough for new players because they need to be attentive when making their first deposit alongside claiming the welcome bonus. One wrong move and the bonus is not attainable anymore.

Fortunately, online casinos always remind you of what you should do to claim a bonus. They will put the reminders at almost every step you take. Besides, online casinos will notify you by email that you’ve got an unused bonus and that it expires in a few days if you don’t claim it now.

So, quick advice here is to be attentive to everything a casino tries to tell you, especially in the fine print. But additionally, you need to know how to use casino bonuses yourself. Here, we will give you a short guide that can help you claim a bonus right.

How to claim a deposit bonus

  1. Hopefully, by this moment you’ve already chosen your best bonus and registered at a casino. If not, what are you waiting for?
  2. Usually, all bonuses (except for no deposit offers) are claimed during the deposit. So, go to the cashier section and start making your first deposit.
  3. The deposit form should include the field with the bonus code (if required) or a box that you need to tick, thus enabling the bonus option. Tick the box or provide the bonus code.
  4. Complete the deposit form and submit the request. Make sure to have made a minimum deposit or more and that your payment method allows claiming the bonus (you’re not using an e-wallet).
  5. Wait till the funds appear on your casino account.
  6. The bonus should also be displayed in your rewards or bonus section.
  7. Activate it following the instructions of the casino.

Claiming a no deposit bonus is a much easier process than the previous one. It doesn’t involve making a deposit. All you need to do is follow these steps:

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