16. You have different levels of empathy, compassion, and emotional expression

16. You have different levels of empathy, compassion, and emotional expression

13. You have mismatched sex drives.

If one of you has a much higher sex drive than the other, it can lead to frustrations on both sides. One partner might feel that their needs aren’t being met whilst the other might feel pressured to have sex more than they are comfortable with.

14. You never laugh together.

If the two of you have a very different sense of humor and never seem to le things, you might not be able to reach the same levels of fun as more compatible couples.

This doesn’t just relate to what kind of comedy or jokes you find funny. It’s about how silly you can be together doing things that give you both big, wide-eyed smiles of enjoyment. That could be anything from dancing around the kitchen together to being able to poke fun at each other in a mutually acceptable and enjoyable way.

If one of you is highly strung whilst the other doesn’t take anything too seriously, you have to ask whether you are right for each other.

Fun and laughter are one of the key fuels that keep a relationship going, and if your relationship is lacking on that front, it will struggle in the long run.

15. You speak different love languages.

There are five love languages according to relationship expert Dr. Gary Chapman. These relate to how you prefer to express your love and have others express their love for you.

For instance, if one person likes to hear nice things said about them and receive regular reassurance of their partner’s feelings, they might get upset if their partner doesn’t say those things because they express their love through gift giving.

Whilst you can work to better understand each other’s love languages and find ways to communicate using them, couples who share primary love languages will naturally feel more loved and in love.

If one of you is unable to see the suffering of others without feeling sad or shedding a tear whilst the other isn’t affected by it in any way, it can make you question your compatibility.

How much we care for others – even those we don’t know – and how we express our emotions is a big part of who we are. If you can’t understand why your partner does or does not feel the way you feel about something, it can lead to some awkward exchanges between you.

Different levels of empathy and emotion can also make it difficult to communicate with one another. If you are upset and your partner can’t understand why, you will feel unsupported or annoyed. On the other hand, if you are the one who can’t understand why your partner gets so emotional so often, you might feel drained by their emotional response to everything.

17. You have different needs for alone time.

Some people need to spend a good amount of time alone in order to be able to function properly. These people tend to be introverts by nature.

But if one partner needs this alone time and the other prefers to spend as much time together as possible, there will be a clash sooner or later. The one who needs their space will pull away and potentially feel guilty about it. The other will feel rejected.

It’s not a good situation to find yourself in, though it is possible to work through it with enough understanding and compromise.

18. You have different schedules.

If one Myladyboydate of you has lots of free time whilst the other is often very busy with work or studies, the one with the free time might end up feeling neglected.

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